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Radford 12.2m - DESIGN # 65


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The new R12.2m is basically a "compressed" R13.7m. The beam, freeboard and section shapes are the same but the hull has been scaled down to 12.2m.

The R12.2m is not intended to be the latest in grand prix racing yachts ... although it will have very good sailing performance. The listed displacement allows the carrying of gear and equipment for a couple doing "medium" term cruising. The yacht does not have the carrying capacity of the live aboard designs such as the R13.2m - DSN# 53 or the R415 - DSN# 61 and should be loaded accordingly.

In race mode, without the excess weight, the R12.2m will have performance equal to, or better than the earlier R12.2m "Red Jacket" which notched up many wins in Western Australia and an IMS Division C win in the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. The performance features include a lifting, deep draft, bulb keel, water ballast and a large fractional rig with main and jib. The lift keel draft of 1.5m is a bonus when cruising.

L.O.A. 12.2m 40'0"
L.W.L. 11.9m 39'0"
BEAM 3.4m 11'2"
Lift Keel DOWN 2.7m 8'10"
Lift Keel UP 1.5m 5'0"
DSPL 5,650kg 12,500lb
Main 47.47sq m 510.96sq ft
#1 Jib 36.24sq m 390.10sq ft
#2 Jib 30.14sq m 324.42sq ft

Deck Layout

The deck layout includes a boarding platform, lazarette, then steering cockpit with a 1.3m diameter wheel on a bulkhead steerer. Forward of the mainsheet traveller is a 1.95m long cockpit with seats, coaming lockers and liferaft stowage. The cockpit bulkhead includes tail boxes for the halyards etc. The companionway is recessed forward into the house with permanently fixed companionway doors and a sliding hatch which overhangs the access below, when fully closed. The drawings show a fixed front - soft back dodger for cockpit protection.

The house sides have six opening ports and two larger fixed ports. The house top has a large hatch forward and two ventilation hatches adjacent to the keel case - the head and galley. Extra ventilation ports can be fitted to the cockpit seat fronts.

Forward of the collision bulkhead is an anchor locker with the bow shaped to suit a below deck furler and self launching anchor rollers.

Sail Plan

For most casual sailing, I would set this yacht up with a self-tacking, furling #2 jib and a Leisure Furl inboom furling mainsail with a power winch in the cockpit, to hoist and reef the mainsail. For offshore sailing, allowance should be made for a staysail stay and storm jib.

While the rig is designed not to require runners for normal use, I would backup the staysail stay so that when sailing just under storm jib the rig would be very well supported.


The accommodation volume on this design is not large but is practical ... I have not set out to design a triple cabin charter yacht!

The water ballast tanks are outboard of the quarterberths and can be used for stowage if ballast tanks are not required. A 29hp engine is located under the cockpit. Forward of the quarterberths are seats and lockers. To port is a large standup chart table incorporating fridge/freezer and lockers. The head is adjacent to the keel case and has a ventilation hatch and opening port in the houseside.

The galley is starboard, with double sinks on a return to get the sinks closer to the centreline for better drainage. A vertical support is shown between the galley return and the chart table. Forward of the galley is the saloon, with wide settee berths and well angled seatbacks. The freshwater tanks are located under the aft half of the settees. Outboard are lockers/shelves.

The accommodation is finished off by bureaus and the forward vee berth, with sail stowage underneath.

In Conclusion

The R12.2m is a relatively simple 40ft yacht which can fullfill many roles ... crewed racing, shorthanded racing, medium term cruising, or just fun sailing on any day of the week.

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